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Meanotek specializes in the development of artificial intelligence systems based on deep learning technology. Founded in 2014, our company was one of the first in Russia to use deep learning and neural networks to solve problems related to the Natural Langauage Understanding and Generation

and in a short period of time, the number of employees rose from 2 to 16. In 2015, we started to cooperate on the application of our system in Center-Credit Bank (Kazakhstan), which is one of the 20 largest banks in Kazakhstan. The company also developed solutions a number of successful startups from the USA and Europe.

Today the company is a well-established developer of solutions with the use of artificial intelligence in many areas. Unlike a number of other companies that implement only ready-made solutions, Meanotek also conducts research and develops its own artificial intelligence platform.

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Main activities of the company:

  • Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (diagnosis of diseases, recommendations for treatment)
  • Retrieval and systematization of information, artificial intelligence in business process management
  • Natural Language Generation
  • Scientific Research in the field of deep neural networks

By teaching artificial intelligence to do routine and time-consuming work, we want to simplify the performance of complex and creative work for humans.

Scientific research

Instead of simply using technology from large companies or laboratories to generate "fast profits", we are engaged in basic research in the field of artificial intelligence.

In 2015, solutions from our company received some of the best results at the competition of information retrieval systems, which took place in the framework of the most famous Russian conference on computer linguistics. «Dialogue» [1]. Meanotek first applied artificial neural networks to solve the problem multi-document summariztion [2].

In 2016, in co-authorship with employees of the Institute of Fundamental Medicine of KFU we published works on extracting pharmacologically significant information from reviews of drugs published on the Internet forums. [3].

In 2019, work [4] was published on a new method of diagnosing diseases using neural networks.

History of the company

  1. Meanotek begins developing deep neural networks solutions

  2. Development of systems of analysis and generation of texts for websites

  3. Solutions from our company have received some of the best results at the competition of information extraction systems, held within the framework of the most famous in Russia conference on computer linguistics. «Dialogue»

  4. Final application of voice assistant released

  5. Participation in the XVIII International Scientific Conference, "Neuroinformatics-2016", with a research paper on neural network model to solve the problem of answering user questions in any subject area.

  6. Development of systems for analysis and generation of advertisements генерации рекламных объявлений

  7. Development of medical imaging classifcation systems

  8. Publication of the text written by the robot in the journal Elle, namely the result of processing of the text from the Internet on the given topic-imitation of the journalist's work.

  9. Participation in the conference on computer linguistics and intellectual technologies «Dialogue»

Press about us

  • elle
    Article written by Artificial Intelligence in "ELLE"

    In 2018, ELLE magazine published several articles written by our AI.

  • 2article
    A sci-fi story, written as a result of AI and human co-authorship.

    More info here ссылке

  • mindy
    Mindy voice assistant developed in our company is mentioned in the article "6 useful services for Internet entrepreneurs".

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Customer opinions:

The Meanotek development team helped us to solve our problem quickly and efficiently. I want to thank them for their efficient work. We actively use the solution created by them, and are fully satisfied with it. We will continue our cooperation in the future.

JSC Bank CenterCredit, Kazakhstan

We would like to express our great gratitude to the team of professionals at Meonatek! It is pleasant and easy to work with you for 2 years already!!! You are always ready to listen, and most importantly to hear the needs and ideas of the customer, where necessary, give advice! At the same time, on time and accurately give the result of work! We wish your team further prosperity and more reliable customers for long-term cooperation! We hope for further fruitful work with you!

Medical Center Manager Avicenna LLC, Gevorg Melkonyan

The company Meanotek has already made life easier for over 100 customers.

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